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Are you aware that after removing a theme/plugins off your WordPress website certain leftovers could remain inside your WordPress database? Such as orphan options, orphan tables, and orphan cron tasks. As you are aware, the majority of plugins and themes do not care about the cleanliness of such as orphan options, tables and WordPress database. While you’re eliminating plugins or themes, any leftovers are accumulating in your database , and could impact your website’s performance. Clean this excess data to reduce the database’s size and improve the efficiency of accessing tables. In addition, your backups will be faster and less bulky.

The Professional version of Advanced Database Cleaner will help to eliminate all the leftovers and provide a complete database clean up and optimization (you are able to download this free version on

The reasons to use Advanced Database Cleaner?

Main features available on both PRO & FREE versions. The main features available on both versions are: Download the FREE version]

Clean up Posts Table

Delete old revisions of pages and posts,
delete old auto drafts & delete trash posts. This will help reducing how big your “posts” table.

Clean up the comments table

Remove pending comments, comment spam, garbage comments, pingbacks and trackbacks. This will decrease the number of rows within your “comments” table

Remove orphaned metadata

Get rid of orphan metadata on posts orphan comment metadata orphan user metadata orphan term metadata, and orphan relationships

Clean up the Expired Transients

Expired transients are temporary options that shouldn’t exist in your database since they’re expired! Find out more

Display and browse for orphaned Items

Learn more about an orphaned object before making a database clean-up to ensure that you know what you’re going to clean-up

Keep Last x Day’s Dates

It is possible to prevent the data from the previous of x days’ data from being cleaned. You can clean up only the data older the number of days you’ve specified

View & Manage Tables

Display table information, such as rows per row as well as table size. Optimize tables and fix damaged ones. It is also possible to empty and delete tables if needed

View & Manage Options

Display all options list and options details like size, name, value autoload, etc. Change options autoload to yes/no and remove any options that are not needed.

View & Manage Cron jobs

Display active cron tasks list (scheduled tasks) with their information like arguments, the next scheduled run and so on. Clean and delete scheduled tasks

Overview and Get the details

This plugin will assist you have a clear understanding of what’s going on in your database. It will show all unusable/orphaned items that need to be removed.


This plugin can automate your process, and then run an automated cleanup or optimization based upon your preferences. There is no need to perform it manually each time

Reduce DB size

By eliminating items that are not used orphaned You will free up space in your database and perform backups more quickly since the backup file will be smaller

The main features are available on PRO edition only. [Get pro version now]

Detect & delete orphaned options

The table in your wp_options table could be full of orphaned options and , consequently, can affect speed and performance on your website. It is vital.

Remove orphaned tables

You might have tables that are not being used that were created by plugins/themes you do not use anymore. Clean up orphaned tables will improve performance

Detect & delete orphaned cron jobs

After uninstalling a theme/plugins, some of its cron processes may remain in operation, resulting in WordPress calling unknown functions. It is recommended to clean them

Scan & Edit Categorization

You can scan specific item or all the items to check to which plugin/theme they belong. You can also edit to correct the “belongs to” value

Search and Filter Anything

Search and filter options including tables, cron jobs, and tables by a variety of criteria such as “name”, “creator”, “value”, etc.

Technical Support

We’ll provide customized and technical support to assist you to clean up your database efficiently without losing the important data

Both versions, PRO and FREE work with multisite install

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