Auto Recipe – Automatic Recipe Posts Generator Plugin for WordPress

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Auto Recipe


Auto Recipe – Automatic Recipe Posts for WordPress Generator Plugin, allows you to automatically create WordPress scripts from the Edamam Recipe Search API.

Auto Recipe Key features:

    • The autoblog has unlimited keywords and killer campaigns
    • Create content from an infinite number of keywords on your personal blog with long tail keywords
    • Important Tips Using Google Promotes Api
    • No duplicate content. Advanced options for viewing and viewing the plugin will not place internal folders on your page.
    • Make notes with your key words
    • Uses cache system
    • Plan to advertise articles as you wish
    • Use WP Cron to automatically track and run back-to-back campaigns
    • Select the type of mail that includes mail, pages, and branches
    • Select Output, Design, Secret, Expected Mail Format
    • Select a poster
    • Add a diary when you automatically execute killer campaigns and wp crown issues
    • RSS Feed (our most important format): Automatically convert RSS feed items to WordPress pages, posts, and special mail types.
    • Import and retrieve unlimited RSS feeds from unlimited automatic filters
    • Multiple downloads and split multiple sections of similar topics into sections
    • Responses to platforms internally

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