AutomateWoo v5.5.15 + Addons

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{Powerful marketing automation|Effective marketing automation|A powerful marketing automation system|Marketing automation that is powerful and efficient}
for {your|to create} WooCommerce store.

{Convert and retain customers|Retention and conversion of customers is possible|Keep customers loyal and convert them|Increase conversion and keep customers coming back} {with automated marketing that does|by automating marketing that does|with automated marketing that takes care of|through automated marketing that does} {the hard work for you|the work for you|all the hard work|all the work}. AutomateWoo {has|provides|offers} the tools {you need to|to help you|that you require to|needed to} {grow your store and make|expand your business and earn|increase your sales and make|build your store and earn} {more money|more money}

Follow Up Emails

{Automatically email customers who buy|Send customers an email when they purchase|Automatically email customers who purchase} {specific products and ask for|certain products. Ask for|certain items and request|specific items, asking for} {a review or suggest|reviews or suggestions for|feedback or suggest|reviews or to suggest} {other products they might like|other products that they may like|alternative products they might enjoy}.


Abandoned Cart

{Remind customers who have|Inform customers that they|Help customers remember that they have|Let customers know that they’ve} {left|put|forgotten|placed} {items in their shopping|things in the shopping|products in their grocery|objects in their shopping} {bag|bags} {with automatic emails at set|by sending out automated emails at predetermined|via automated email messages at regular|by sending automated emails at scheduled} intervals.


Win Back Inactive Customers

{Target inactive customers with|Make sure to reach customers who are not active with|Create a targeted audience for customers who aren’t active through|Aim at customers who aren’t active by sending} automated {email marketing campaigns|marketing emails|marketing campaigns}{Include special offers and recommendations|Include offers and suggestions|Send out special offers and recommendations|Include special offers and advice}.


SMS Notifications

Send {SMS notifications|out SMS messages} to {customers or admins for|admins or customers for|administrators or customers about|admins and customers regarding} {any of AutomateWoo’s large range|any of AutomateWoo’s wide range|any of AutomateWoo’s vast array|AutomateWoo’s extensive range} of triggers. {Integrates|It integrates} {with|into|to|With} Twilio.


Review Rewards

{Get more product reviews|Find more reviews for your product|Review more products|You can get more reviews on your products} {by offering discounts for reviews|by offering discounts on reviews|by offering discounts to reviewers|through discounts for reviews}. Limit {the discount based|discounts based on|discounts on the basis of|the discount according to} {how many reviews posted|the number of reviews that have been posted|the number of reviews submitted|the number of reviews published} {and by the rating|and the score|as well as the ratings|and also on the amount of stars} {given|that is given|provided|of the review}.


Wishlist Marketing

Send {timed wishlist reminder emails|reminder emails for your wishlists that are timed|periodic reminder emails to your wishlist|out timed reminder emails to wishlists} and {notify when a wished|inform users when a desired|let you know when a|notify users when a desired} {product goes on sale|item is on sale|product is available for sale|product is sold}. Uses WooCommerce Wishlists or YITH Wishlists.


Birthday Emails

{Delight customers with a special|Make customers feel special with a|Reward customers with a special|Surprise customers with a unique} WooCommerce birthday {email|message} {and coupon with|and coupon using|and coupon by using|along with a coupon when you use} {the|AutomateWoo Birthdays add-on.|this|an add-on called} AutomateWoo {Birthdays add-on|birthdays extension|Birthdays Add-on|Birthdays plugin}.


Card Expiry Notifications

{Notify customers before their saved|Inform customers prior to when their|Be sure to notify customers when their|Be sure to inform customers before their} {credit or debit card expires|credit or debit card runs out|debit or credit card expires|credit or debit card is due to expire}{When selling subscriptions this can|If you sell subscriptions, this could|When selling subscriptions , this may|When selling subscriptions , this will} {reduce failed payments and churn|decrease churn and failed payments|help reduce churn and failed payment|lower the number of failed payments and reduce churn}.


Personalized Coupons

{Generate dynamic personalized coupons|Create dynamic coupons that you can customize|Create personalized coupons with dynamic content|Create unique coupons and coupons} for {your customers that increase|your customers to increase|customers to boost|your customers , which increase} {purchase rates|the rate of purchases|purchasing rates|sales}.


Subscriptions Automation

{Perform actions based on|Take actions based on|Implement actions based on|Perform actions based upon} {WooCommerce Subscription|the WooCommerce subscription|your WooCommerce Subscription|The WooCommerce subscription} {events such as|events like|instances like|occasions like} status {changes, failed payments|changes, payments that failed|modifications, failed payments,|changes, payment failures} {and renewal reminders|or renewal reminders|as well as renewal reminders|and reminders for renewal}.


Refer A Friend

{Boost your word-of-mouth sales with|Increase your word-of-mouth marketing sales by using|Get more word-of mouth sales from|Enhance your word-ofmouth sales using} {the|your|AutomateWoo’s|The} AutomateWoo {Refer A Friend|refer a friend|Recommend A Friend|Invite a Friend} add-on.


Automatic VIP

{Reward your best customers|Give your most loyal customers a reward|You can reward your top customers|Be sure to reward your customers who are the best} {with VIP status based on|by granting them VIP status based on|with VIP status that is based on|by awarding them VIP status on the basis of} {different spend|spending|various spend|the different spending} {requirements|conditions|needs|specifications}.

ANDREW – OASIS CREATIVE“My client {loves seeing|is thrilled to see|is delighted to see|is thrilled by} {how much additional income|the amount of additional income|how much extra income|the additional revenue} AutomateWoo {generates|earns}. It makes me {look|appear} like {a genius|an expert}!”

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