Automatic Video Creator Plugin for WordPress

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Video Creator Plugin


What Can You Do With This Plugin?

Automatic Video Creator Plugin for WordPress This tool lets you create automatic videos using images uploaded to your blog.

Plugin features:

  • Automatically create videos using images and audio embedded in the post’s content
  • Automatically embed and attach generated video in the post’s content
  • Remove images, which were included in the video from the post’s content
  • Text to videos generated
  • The ability to set a default starting and end image for videos. Ability to define a default starting and ending image for
  • Set the default images or audio for videos that are generated
  • Logs all activity of the plugin in detail
  • Create a Film, Movie or Clip, Slideshow, Music video or a presentation
  • The process automatically starts firing when the time of publishing a post.

Test this plugin:

  • You can test the plugin’s capabilities by using the ” Test Site Generator‘. You can test the full capabilities of the plugin. Be aware that the test blog will be automatically deleted within 24 hours.

Plugin Requirements:

  • FFMPEG installed on server
  • PHP 5.4 or higher
  • allow_url_fopen enabled
  • allow_url_include enabled

Bonus Features

The plugin is able to be integrated with other plugins that I designed to enhance its functionality. Here are some possible combinations variations:

    • Automatically upload videos automatically to YouTube automatically upload videos to YouTube Youtubomatic
    • Live stream videos on YouTube YouLive – YouLive
    • Automatically upload videos directly to Vimeo automatically upload videos to Vimeo Vimeomatic
    • Automatically upload videos to Twitch automatically. Twitchomatic
    • Automatically upload videos directly to DailyMotion or DMomatic
    • Automatically upload videos directly to Facebook – Facebookomatic
    • Live stream live videos automatically to Facebook live stream videos to Facebook FaceLive


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