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Beehive Pro


Bring the full force and capabilities of GA to WordPress

Beehive Pro makes it easy to quickly integrate Google Analytics statistics, graphs and user-related metrics to your WordPress websites.

Reports are derived from Google Analytics Google Tag Manager Information on the demographics and interest of people Simple wizard for connecting Google Analytics 4 API

Track all your stats in one place

Your WordPress dashboard lets you keep track of the Google Analytics overview, statistics and information. It will save you time and get access to more of your important content.

You can alter the dashboards and data to your preferences. Monitor posts and pages. Stats and analytics in real-time Multisite Analytics Reports


Beehive Pro

7-day trial for free

Beginning at US$7.5/month

You can download it for free.BeehivePRO

AnalyticsThis is the fastest and most effective method to include Google Analytics graphs and statistics to your website.

Beehive Pro is a WordPress plugin that lets you create a customized GA dashboard. It allows you to monitor user behaviour from one place.

All-in-one analytics dashboard Google Tag Manager 30 day money-back guarantee Multisite analyticsBONUS 50K installations Live support is accessible 24/7/365Cancel any time, no lock in. 30 day money back 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Beehive Pro Features

Easy GA Connect Wizard

  • Connect quickly and effortlessly
  • Connect using a Google Analytics account
  • Connect with Track ID
  • Create a custom API Project

Google Tag Manager

  • Full Tag Manager interface
  • GTM tags can be monitored and tracked.
  • Include built-in variables to be built-in
  • Define custom variables
  • GTM plugin integration
  • Verify the information that you have sent to GTM

Complete Analytics Dashboard

  • Google Analytics Pulled
  • You can also set the viewing time.
  • Real-time statistics and breakdowns
  • Sessions Users, sessions, page views
  • Average page load time and bounce rate
  • Follow social networks, mediums and search engines.
  • Take a look at the most popular pages, posts and even countries.
  • Multisite analytics are able to be monitored
  • WordPress Dashboard analytics widget

User Roles & Permissions

  • Reports can be managed
  • Limit your abilities
  • Users can access specific information

Display Ad Integration

  • One-click enable
  • Google Display Advertising Activated
  • Include interest and demographic data

IP Anonymization

  • Your personal details should not be exposed.
  • Google can’t use IP addresses that were taken.
  • Respect GDPR and all other local laws


All Beehive Pro Plugins

Each single plugin comes with the full access to our Pro Plugins Full Access Hub, and all of our services at absolutely no cost.

Defender Pro Smush Pro Hummingbird Pro Hustle Pro Forminator Pro SmartCrawl Pro Branda Pro Integrated Video Shipper Pro Beehive Pro Snapshot Pro

Access to the Hub’s Full Version

One command center is able to manage automatic updates, configurations, uptime analytics, performance reports support, billing, white labeling, as well as client billing.

WPMU DEV Full membership offers you the features that you need to help your website function as a professional.

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