Berghoef – Contemporary Restaurant Drupal Theme

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Introducing Berghoef

Berghoef is a contemporary catering and restaurant Drupal theme, perfect for any business with food and drinks at the table! Built on the latest version of Drupal 8 as well as fully compatible with the latest Drupal 8 Layout Builder module, Berghoef is the ultimate resource to your future Drupal project. The theme’s use of high-quality responsive layouts, with retina-ready resolutions, brings your menus to life and is guaranteed to inspire your customers regardless of their browsing device.

Key Berghoef technical characteristics:

  • Built on the latest Drupal 8 version. Drupal 8, for optimum security as well as compatibility and long-term use.
  • Berghoef is built with the newest Drupal 8 Layout Builder module allows you to create pages in minutes with a simple drag-and-drop feature. You can create as many pages you need, using elements and blocks at convenience, and then break free from hard-coded template layouts with Drupal Layout Builder.
  • The theme has custom views Content types blocks, pages, paragraph types menus and more!
  • Clean code written in conformity with best-practices for Drupal and in conformity with general standards and the structure.
  • Easy to modify and extend through the use of re-usable custom code found within the theme’s template folder.
  • The simple layout on one page is contemporary, easy to use, and mobile-ready.

Fantastic pre-built pages

  • A stunning, responsive layout for one page, with features such as:
    • Hero section, which includes an impressive full-screen background image and meticulously designed typography
    • The section is comprehensive, including opening hours and time-tables
    • Review and rate section to show the ongoing success of your restaurant
    • Tabbed food and drink menu lists, featuring high-quality full-width images calories counters, as well as nutrition and allergy information
    • A number columned step layout is used to showcase your products
    • Blogs (or as we refer to it”the Chef’s Notes”) features integrated in the theme, using our very own Cocoon Blog layout, and setup, with custom views, content types Blocks, Paragraphs, Blocks and Fields. Furthermore, show your most recent blog posts on the home page to get more visibility. Included: Blog post single Categories, tags archives of dates and more.
    • Slider-style image gallery that will show off your restaurant’s decor, along with your delectable drinks and food!
    • Complete with a fully functional contact form that is built using latest versions of the Drupal Webforms module, allowing an extremely high degree of customization. Furthermore, the contact form is customized with our own custom submission message styling.
  • Single Blog Page (including custom comment layout)
  • Blog Listing Page
  • Blog Category Pages
  • Blog Date Archive Pages

Stunning design elements:

  • Berghoef is a contemporary restaurant theme for Drupal
  • The theme is ideal for bars, restaurants and eateries, pubs, cafes, or any place serving drinks and food on the menu!
  • We’re happy to say that the design is fully responsive and retina-ready, making the theme ideal for viewing across any screen.
  • Tested in IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome and Edge We’re confident to state that Berghoef is extremely compatible with the largest selection of modern browsers. You can be sure that your viewers will have a smooth browsing experience, regardless of their selection of browser.
  • Berghoef’s unique layout boasts customizable fluid sections, which can be scrolled and responsive.
  • The ease of using large images and high-quality fullscreen background displays within the theme can help you create an effective, compelling visual for your restaurant Drupal site.
  • We’ve included hundreds of high-quality retina-ready icons that you can use to make an engaging, illustrative site for your audience.

Berghoef Customizability

The theme’s codebase is extensible, coupled with clean and well-formatted templates, provides a customised experience any developer will enjoy. For site builders, the Drupal Layout Builder is the most efficient layout for building pages. Drag and drop elements, blocks and custom content onto a fluid flexible grid. You can preview the changes you make before you save the changes. Create modular content on-the-fly, or re-use existing blocks and elements to construct pages in minutes.


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