Blocksy Companion (Premium) v1.8.36 NULLED

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Blocksy Companion


Blocksy PRO

Get access to all the awesome features that you require to build the best WordPress website. Everything you need, and more, is here in a simple-to-use program.

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  • Care and Support
  • The Enhanced Header Builder
  • Header Pro Elements
  • Advanced Menu
  • Builder for enhanced footers
  • Custom Sidebars
  • Advanced Hooks System
  • White Label
  • Fonts Customized
  • Adobe Typekit Fonts
  • Local Google Fonts

The Enhanced Header Builder

Create an unlimited number of advanced headers and show them on pages of your site according to the specific conditions.

  • Multiple Headers

  • Duplicate Elements

Header Pro Elements

Explore the latest header items that open unlimited possibilities for your headers. Each item is carefully developed to reflect Blocksy’s original style of design.

  • Contacts element
  • Divider
  • Language changing
  • Widgets
  • Desktop menu drawer
  • Search box

Content Blocks (Hooks)

Utilize your preferred design tools to create content, and then put it where you’d like using intuitive visual clues.

    • Display in any location

      Use any existing action from WordPress or any 3rd party tool to display the block of content.

    • Page or post-posting conditions

      Place the content block in any or all locations from your site using display conditions.

    • Conditions of User Role

      Display content tailored to current user’s position or do not show it entirely when the user isn’t registered.

    • You can set the expiration date.

      Use the expire feature to display the block of content in its original location for a brief period of duration.

    • Set block position

      You can make beautiful fixed blocks by altering the position of the block. They can be pinned to either the top or lower part of the viewport.

    • Create custom 404 page

      Replace the default and boring page with a customized content block and design it with your favorite design tool.

    • Create custom header

      While Blocksy’s Header Builder is fantastic, there are times when you’ll need total control. It’s there.

    • You can replace the default footer by a content block made with any page builder or Gutenberg blocks.

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