Bookly Custom Fields (Add-on)

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Important: In order to activate this plugin, you need to be running Bookly PRO installed. Go to the Bookly PRO website on Codecanyon.Your customers will have to fill in the required information prior to making a booking through Bookly PRO. The information includes the name of the customer, their email address and phone number along with appointment notes.Bookly Custom Fields (Addon) lets the user to add fields of different kinds to the details section of your Bookly online reservation form. This will allow your customers to supply additional details during the process of booking.

The custom fields can be modified when needed.

Bookly Features:

  • You can design any number of custom fields you would like.
  • You can use a variety of questions (text field, drop-down menu, radio button or checkbox group. );
  • Custom fields that are conditional can be configured.
  • You can make certain fields mandatory or optional.
  • Binding fields to specific services

Bookly Custom Fields (Addon) is simple to set up and utilize with the extensive instructions.

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