BWD Dual Button addon for elementor v1.0

By Nulledlock 1 Min Read


The “BWD Dual Button” is a lightweight Elementor database WordPress plugin for adding attractive buttons to your website without coding experience. It has an amazing 31+ selected pre-made designs. More than 100 designs will be read in the near future for quality information.

BWD Key features

    • 31+ Selected Preliminary Design
    • Symbols and colors can be customized
    • Within a few minutes, create and select a double-key section
    • Easy to use – no coding required
    • Responsible and seo friendly
    • Elementor 2.5 and above
    • Clean and optimal code
    • Contains a jar that will be quickly translated into any language
    • Elementor also works well with all built-in WordPress themes
    • Browser matching
    • Confirm W3C encoding
    • Good document
    • Compatible with the current WordPress version

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