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Breaking News Manager


The most powerful Breaking news builder WordPress plugin to display unlimitless posts as breaking news with an dynamic, modern and responsive news ticker for your site.

Post To Breaking News Manager is a highly effective and premium WordPress plugin which allows you to display the most number of breaking news in your website. You can easily choose and mark regular WordPress posts , then you are allow them to be displayed as breaking news on the footer, header, and sidebars.

The plugin includes a large options panel, with helpful features that give you the ability to change the text color as well as background color options. The built-in widget feature can display news breaking on your website. It’s a breeze to use for any WordPress users. Look over the complete capabilities of the breaking news plugin-

Breaking News Manager Features

Zero configuration requirements

The plugin is available with almost no configuration requirements. You just need to install, activate and then it’s ready to go. In addition, we attempt to make our plugin as light and performant. So, it can work with any WordPress theme.

Breaking News with Unlimited posts

You can select an unlimited number of articles to be considered breaking news. All you have to do is select the articles and mark them as breaking news, rest of the details will be handled by breaking news plugin.

Display Breaking News Anywhere

It is possible to display breaking news tickers in the areas like the footer, header and widget areas. By using shortcodes, you are able to display breaking news within the side posts. So, you have full liberty to display the latest news ticker on your site.

Responsive News Ticker

Breaking news ticker automatically adjusts its content in accordance with screen size. This means that you can show breaking news articles on a tiny mobile screens without difficulty.

animated Breaking News ticker

Breaking news ticker has sixteen attractive animations. You can select the style of animation from the plugin option panel.

Extensive Option Panel

Manage everything related to breaking news ticker in an easy location. You can adjust the height of tickers themes, settings and animations by using the option panel.

Theme Builder For News Ticker

Create unlimited , vibrant news ticker themes using theme builders. Theme builder allows you to see live changes in news ticker outlook. After you have built your theme, you can use anywhere of your site.

Customize Ticker According to Your Need

You can easily set a custom ticker height, show/hide buttons for navigation, RTL support, show/hide breaking news titles and even set customized titles to meet the requirements of yours.

Custom CSS Editor Panel

You can easily set custom CSS code for breaking news ticker by using the customized CSS editor panel. It is not necessary to modify any single line of code of plugin stylesheet.

Visual Shortcode Editor

Visual shortcode editor lets you to add shortcodes for breaking news into pages or posts. There is no need to copy/paste shortcode each time.

RTL Support

Plugin provides amazing help for Arabic language. You just need to switch on RTL support in the admin paneland the plugin will handles the other issues.

Ready For Localization

The plugin comes with .mo in addition to .po file. So, you can easily translate the plugin in your language. We offer step-by-step information on the process for plugin translation. It’s easy and simple.

Support Latest WP Version

We always keep our plugin up-to-date. This way, we can be sure that our plugin works with the current WordPress version and If you have any issue, contact us, we’ll take care of it.

Premium 6 Months Support

The plugin is supported for 6 months with premium support from the developer directly and a lifetime free update feature. I’m always here to offer quality support for the purchasers.

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