Calafate – Portfolio & WooCommerce Creative WordPress Theme

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Calafate is a unique method for developers, designers and users to interact with WordPress. A portfolio website that is redesigned to highlight your best content.

In the same way that brave explorers carve pathways to fresh ways of being, thinking beyond the square and challenging the limits of human existence, your work also should be able to find new and original ways to communicate with your customers.

Introducing Calafate. WordPress however, is a different.

committed to a continuous stream of updates and improvements, ‘Covers’ is a brand-new feature introduced in v1.3.0. This feature is designed to highlight your latest project, highlight your most popular works, or highlight exclusive products on your website It is an simple tool that create a gorgeous animated full-page graphic that will enthral the customers who visit your site.

We’ve created this fresh WordPress canvas with a focus in the content area first, and built the tools that will allow you to create something really different and original – you simply must add your finest content in order to bring it to life.

Test it out for a drive now, and see how it performs.

Calafate comes complete with its own page builder and ensures that your website won’t be packed with unnecessary code and the markup you use will be SEO-friendly. The builder creates the most clean markup possible, without messiness and unnecessary code that other designers can create for your pages, slowing your site down.

Calafate focuses on what really is important, tools for creativity that can be combined with the best content.

In just a couple of clicks, you’ll be able to easily create complicated layouts using a variety of various creative tools.

You can experiment with the normal elements of a page in a variety of ways Utilize the color scheme of each page and combine them with fade effects to create exciting experiences. The possibilities for combinations are endless.

Stand out from the rest with Calafate to WordPress.

You will be amazed with how fast the technology behind Calafate which makes your web pages load extremely fast thanks to the sophisticated AJAX capabilities.

You’ll also receive many easy to use tools provided to help you make awesome project presentations. We have worked with various creative individuals and we know the tools and features you seek to unleash your creative best.

Your website can go from boring to amazing – in minutes This is Calafate.


Complete Calafate features list

  • Responsive Of course!
  • AJAX engineered theme. You can also turn off this feature.
  • Two different navigations. One is a standard one, and the other is one that is compact.
  • Unique & lightweight custom page builder. You can design amazing and creative layouts that showcase your ideas in an extremely simple manner.
  • WordPress Customizer is ready
  • Packery, Isotope & masonry layouts
  • Regular pagination
  • Cool filtering method for your project’s items
  • Multiple portfolio pages
  • Two styles of blogs – “Minimal” & “Magazine” (notice the only style can be used, different from the demo)
  • Fullscreen backgrounds that are custom-designed for every project and each section. With unique features.
  • Hero sliders and self hosted videos
  • Google font library
  • Choose the portfolio columns and four layouts of different types. Funcky, Clean, Boring & Text.
  • Fully customizable portfolio pages. Color schemes and heroes.
  • You can adjust the size for your fonts, text as well as the color. Combinations are infinite.
  • Localization ready
  • supports RTL
  • WooCommerce Integration (e-commerce/shop features) support. Unique experience.
  • iOS/Mobile Ready
  • Keyboard assistance for sliders
  • Portfolio and Woocommerce XML to import Dummy Content (placeholder images) to get an easy and speedy start to your brand new theme.

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