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Clifton Hotel & Resort


Introducing Clifton Hotel & Resort

Clifton Hotel & Resort is a stunning and visually appealing booking theme for Hotels and Resorts. It is built on the latest version of Drupal 8, and fully compatible with the brand new Drupal 8 Layout Builder module, Clifton is the ultimate resource that you could use to build your new Drupal project. The theme comes with a functioning hotel reservation page, cross-browser parallax functionality as well as advanced embed video capabilities.

Clifton Hotel & Resort Key technical characteristics:

  • Built on the latest version of Drupal 8, for optimum security and compatibility. It also has a long-lasting, durable
  • Clifton is designed with the newest Drupal 8 Layout Builder module which lets you build pages in minutes with efficient drag-and-drop functionality. Build as many pages you require, reusing elements and blocks at convenience, and free from hard-coded template layouts with Drupal Layout Builder.
  • The theme includes custom views, content types block types, paragraph types, pages menus, and much more!
  • Clean code written in accordance with Drupal best-practices and in conformity with general rules and guidelines.
  • It is easy to modify and expand by re-using custom code found within the template folder of the theme.
  • Clifton’s simple one-page scrolling layout is contemporary easy to use and mobile ready.

Clifton Hotel & Resort Superb pre-built pages

  • Beautifully responsive one-page layout with features such as:
    • Hero section, which includes a stunning full-screen background and carefully crafted typography
    • Rooms section that is powered by AJAX and comes with nested-loading pages, integrated image sliders, as well as taxonomy integration in room and destination features.
    • A fully interactive Room Reservation reservation form completely responsive and includes the jQuery-styled date selection feature from the box! Created using the Drupal Webforms module The form can be easily customized and extendable to the specific needs of your travel agency.
    • A stunning parallax slider for testimonials section promises to deliver pristine images along with your best reviews. Whatsmore, it’s mobile-ready, too.
    • The feature list for masonry allows you to showcase your travel agency’s most recent and greatest offerings — in a pleasing, responsive format, no less.
    • Clifton is home to an award section for your best ratings and awards. Why not show them off, afterall?
    • Parallax video embeds are an easy way to increase the attractiveness and engageability of your website. Clifton includes a pixel-perfect, scrollable parallax video embed blocks, ideal for showcasing promotional videos and visual reviews from customers.
    • A clean, to-the-point pricing section is essential for any online travel business. With Clifton, you can now present your most recent rates and deals through simple, flexible pricing tables.
    • Complete with a functional contact form built with the latest version of the Drupal Webforms module. It allows for a high level of customization. Furthermore, the form comes with our unique custom design for the message that you submit.
    • A beautiful and unique Google Maps display allows you to show a specific place of your choice.
  • One blog page, with custom comment display
  • Blog post list page
  • Blog pages for categories
  • Blog date archive pages

Clifton Hotel & Resort Stunning design elements:

  • Clifton is a stunning visual travel and booking theme that is perfect for Drupal.
  • The theme is ideal for travel agencies, hotels resorts, and other destinations far from home.
  • We’re proud to state that our themes are 100% responsive and retina-ready, allowing perfect viewing regardless of the device you use it on.
  • Tested on IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, and Edge We’re confident to state that Clifton is widely compatible with the widest spectrum of modern web browsers. Rest assured that your audience will be able to enjoy a smooth and fluid watching experience no matter their choice of browser.
  • Clifton’s modern design sports the ability to scroll one-page layouts and blocks, which can be responsive and adaptable to any device.
  • The seamless use of large images and high-quality background displays for parallax support your Drupal website to offer the most stunning visual experience.
  • We’ve provided hundreds of retina-ready and high-quality icons for you to use to help you create an illustrative, engaging site for your target audience.

Clifton Hotel & Resort Customizability

The theme’s codebase is extensible along with clear and well-formatted template file files, creates a customized experience that any developer would love. Additionally, for builders of websites, the Drupal Layout Builder is the most efficient layout layouts for page building. Drag and drop blocks, elements, and custom content onto a responsive grid, and preview your layout before you save them. Create modular content on-the-fly, or re-use existing blocks and elements to build pages in just minutes.

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