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Divi Rocket


The Most Powerful Caching PluginSpecifically Designed for the Divi Theme

Created Specifically for Divi Theme

Divi Rocket was designed from scratch and refined specifically to speed it up for the Divi Theme and has a variety of features that are not found with any caching plugin available on the market. Because Divi Rocket was designed specifically for Divi We have also optimized the user interfaces to make it as user-friendly and user-friendly as Divi Theme itself.

Divi Rocket’s extensive set of speed-enhancing features include Divi-aware server-side caching Divi section-controlled lazy loading, caching in the browser, optimization of databases GZip compression, and many more to come!

Optimize Your Divi Website for Speed

Divi is a powerful fully featured page builder that has revolutionized the way we design websites to improve. Although we do not believe that an appropriately designed Divi site is necessarily overloaded however, it is sure to take longer to load than simpler WordPress. Enter Divi Rocket. With cutting-edge speed-enhancing features such as Divi-Aware caching, and Divi section-controlled lazy load, you will create an Divi website that is not just beautiful to view but also speedy and efficient for your visitors!

Boost SEO, Reduce User Bounce

It is a known fact that nowadays (According according to Google) that the speed of loading pages does influence SEO rankings. A speedier website could result in your site appearing in more searches, which results in increased traffic and prospective customers as well as sales. Now that potential customers have discovered your site, what value is it for them when it takes forever to load? Research shows that there is more than a 50% increase in bounce rate for websites that take six seconds to load , compared to 3 seconds for loading. cutting milliseconds off your Divi site’s loading time can result in more interaction and more conversions (more sales! ).

Clean, Easy and Intuitive to Use

Do not be frightened by the complicated settings for plugins that are typical of cache plugins designed specifically for WordPress advanced users and
developers. Because Divi Rocket was designed specifically for Divi We have refined the user interfaces to make it as user-friendly and intuitive as Divi’s Divi theme itself. Divi Rocket’s simple, clear user Interface is designed with those who are a seasoned Divi developerand the hobbyist with an eye for detail. With functions broken down into tabs that are distinct and helpful tools, you’ll be able to feel
You can be confident about the features you’re enabling and the reason you’re enabling you to be confident about the features you are enabling. The result? A speedier Divi site and active visitors, without the hassle.

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Divi Rocket Plugin Features:

Browser Caching

Each time a user goes to the Divi website, their browser must download all the website’s files to correctly display the page. These files comprise HTML, JavaScript, CSS and images. The information that is loaded by browsers could result in more pages on Divi websites to load more slow, leading to user discontent, higher bounce rates and fewer conversions. The browser caching feature of Divi Rocket is able to store these files inside the user’s browser, so that they don’t need to be downloaded every time a visitor goes to your site.

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Divi-Aware Server-side Caching

Traditional server-side caching functions by temporarily storing webpages locally on the server of the website (rather than being stored in browsers) and then storing the page’s content and loading it quickly each time a website is visited. The cache that is stored is rebuilt for the entire page whenever a change occurs on the page that is cached, to ensure that it is delivered to the next user. The caching method increases the speed of web page content that is delivered to the user, however, it can be expensive and inefficient because of the way it regenerates the cache in general.

What makes Divi Rocket’s server-side cache stand out from other caches in the marketplace?

Our Divi-Aware server caching technology preserves the static HTML for the Divi Modules as they are created. Divi Modules in a webpage or blog post, and
It intelligently scans your site’s database to determine if the cached modules should be rebuilt. Also, Divi-Aware is a term used to mean that it is aware of the various kinds of Divi modules and the time each one needs to be rebuilt, meaning it will only generate a portion of the page when needed (such as blog modules when there is a new blog post added) instead of regenerating the whole page, post, or product whenever a change occurs that only impacts only one module.






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