EventON v4.1.1 – WordPress Virtual Event Calendar Plugin

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The EventON event WordPress calendar is a well-designed calendar that offers events in a few designs. We are proud to create EventON to meet the latest design trends in the industry.

EventON displays the most common scenarios, images of multiple events, creation of countless events, different calendar formats, event locations and organizers, as well as a wide range of data and events related to languages, and more. full of high quality as. listed in the first commercially sold codecan!

EventON Features:

    • It supports single event and multi-day events
    • Create events for one day
    • Create events with no deadline or time
    • Create events throughout the day
    • Add events in Wp-admin
    • Remove some events from the calendar
    • Hide events to the end
    • Draw a picture of the event
    • Arrange your space with the length of the space
    • Save the shares and reuse them for events
    • Make a statement from the event organizer
    • Register an event planner for reuse in events
    • Learn more about event reference support
    • Different options for how the user can react to an event
    • Use universal time and date formatting through your website
    • Schema SEO internal support for calendar events
    • Ability to automatically save past events
    • Easily add CSS styles with EventON layouts
    • Set the calendar month / year format
    • Set date and time formats
    • The ability to adjust also easily visualize the calendar
    • Ability to unlock event cards in an event
    • Write down the upcoming events of the month
    • Schedule the ASC / DESC calendar event
    • Emphasize specific events in the calendar over others
    • Show only calendars and special events
    • Create calendars with images that are relevant to the list
    • Dynamic “excess” of calendar events
    • Show real month calendar
    • The ability to open the card to make it like accordion patterns
    • RTL support – (right to left)
    • Show the minimum number of events per month by calendar
    • Events depend on cultural taxonomy
    • Create events and calendars from a few event categories
    • Complete all of the calendar events in the calendar
    • Google Map Mouse Rotation, Zoom, and more Create such interactions
    • AJAX is driven by the movement of the moon to the moon
    • Add a calendar to your theme with a short code or PHP template tag
    • Attached PayPal to receive event payment
    • Includes POT file for language-specific support and promotion
    • Randomize events
    • Show events for registered users only
    • A separate e-mail to pay for each event via paypal
    • View specific fields only for admin or session users
    • Perform monthly events ahead of others
    • Add a few pictures to the event
    • Review and community through EventON plans
    • Automatically create old events
    • Virtual Event Location – 2.8.7
    • The value of the different scenarios is 2.8.7
    • How to participate in an online or physical event – 2.8.7
    • Adjust Event Situation by Quick Resolution and Mass Reset Function – 2.8.9
    • The ability to turn off jquery mobile library download on page is 2.8.9
    • Customize Event Forms and Customize Event Logs – 2.8.9
    • Gutenberg-compliant short-code generator – 2.8.10
    • Combined with the growth to create a combination
    • Currently the calendar version is 3.0
    • Short code ux_val = 3a ajax – Open event cards like internal box loaded through 3.
    • Internal display sometime after the actual event – 3.0
    • Option 3.0 to use Tiemzon value for all occasions
    • Moment.js is a time user of events that use 3.0
    • Option to hide the value of GMT in cases – 3.0.2
    • Interactive Repeat Event Setup – 3.0.6
    • Events related to the event date – 3.0.8
    • WP_Query methods for speeding system – 4.0
    • hide_cancels = ‘Yes’ Hide all deleted events – 4.0
    • virtual event filtering events – 4.0
    • Event Designer – 4.1
    • Link to a single event page from anywhere on your site with a short code – 4.1
    • Repeat every hour -4.1
    • Protect event page only for session users – 4.1






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