Football XT v1.0: football live score, fixture, leagues, live tv and more

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Football XT


Football XT is a project made in the latest version of Flutter. So that it can support all the latest Android and iOS operating systems.

Football XT Characteristic

  • Homepage
  • m3u8 link game
  • m3u8 link read function hide and show by json
  • live matches
  • accessory by date
  • recent game
  • Recent match details
  • Complete statistics of recent matches
  • Live match stats
  • Featured Matches
  • head-to-head matches
  • More than 850 leagues include
  • Added custom and popular top leagues on homepage
  • All leagues all details
  • league game
  • League live matches filter
  • Details of recent league matches
  • league standings
  • league top scorer
  • list of players
  • player statistics
  • player information
  • AdMob Ads: Banner Ads and Interstitial Ads
  • Facebook Ads: Banner Ads and Interstitial Ads

Note: We will provide free API subscriptions starting from one month

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