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FullEvents is a plugin that allows events to be added. WordPress is fully functional and is compatible in conjunction with any of the WordPress themes. It is easy to set up and customise without programming knowledge.

The FullEvents plugin assists event organisers in with their event listings being displayed in a visually appealing way to draw attention of attendees. Additionally, it comes with outstanding features to optimize users’ experience. It includes an advanced event search filter, AJAX filter, simple calendar and slideshow calendar …

Single Event View

The stunning view of one event creates an impressive impression on guests when they first see. The page offers detailed details about the event’s title and organizer’s name, the date and time, the venue, where the event will take place and brief descriptions.

Event Template Page Builder

It is possible to build templates of event details in Elements Page Builder. The plugin can support all elements needed to build templates. You can read documentation for detail.

Event Listing Layouts

Event listing layout options that we offer to help improve the users’ experience by letting them choose the way listing of events appears on the site.
2 possibilities we come up with:
– Event listing box layout: In this format, the events will be showcase with a big image to makes events more attractive.
– Event listing line layout When a user chooses the event listing line layout the event’s details will be presented in chronological order.
In addition, users can choose to display event listings with a sidebar or no sidebar.

Advanced Search Form

Our advanced search forms will assist customers in filtering events according to start date or end date, and also by category in just two clicks. Additionally, searching for events that fit customer’s needs is easier with our easy to use calendar that is located in the ” beginning date ” field as well as the ” closing day ” field.

AJAX Filter Event

AJAX Filter gives users better experiences when searching events. It allows you to find events that are suitable for your requirements without having to reload the page.

Ajax Search Event

The customer can search event by start date, end date, Category , and the result in page quickly.

User-Friendly Admin Dashboard Interface

There’s no need to worry about programming abilities when you utilize our user-friendly admin dashboard interface as with just a few simple steps, you are able to make, edit, and delete the event, or even cancel it.

Add Event Category at Admin Dashboard

In the Admin Dashboard, you can include unlimited categories such as clubs, sports, music, dancing … as well as assigning events in these categories. So, when users click on a specific category, all events associated with the category will be displayed.

Single Calendar and Full Calendar

We have two calendar options for you to choose from:
– Single Calendar: In the calendar with a single date it is possible to view which days the events will occur. Additionally, when you click on a specific day, an event list for that day is displayed.
– Full Calendar: With the complete calendar, you will also be able to see which days events will be held, but you won’t have to click on a particular day to know which events are scheduled for that particular day. Each event can be seen on the calendar in the full interface.






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