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Hummingbird Pro


The ultimate performance suite

A single dashboard to monitor the performance of all your websites, analyze it, and make improvements to the performance of all of your websites.



Hummingbird Pro

Free for 7 days

Starting at US$7.5/month

You can download it for free.HummingbirdPRO

Page OptimizerAre you tired of unreliable performance tools that make your site appear more green than red?

Hummingbird Pro is the ideal performance-enhancing plugin for all users regardless of whether you’re seeking easy-to-use solutions or to tweak your website’s performance down to the very last CSS file.

Ace Google PageSpeed Manual or automatic optimization 30 day money-back guarantee Cloudflare integrationBONUS 200K active installs Live, 24/7/365 support for expert expertsCancel any time, no lock in. 30 day money back 100% satisfaction guarantee.


Performance Test & Reports

  • Results for mobile and desktop
  • Site metrics to be tracked
  • View failed/passed metrics
  • The report on user experience of Chrome

Monitor and Optimize the Response Time

  • Check that your sites are running smoothly
  • Time to monitor server response
  • The reporting time period can be altered

Run Speed Tests

  • Google PageSpeed Test
  • PS audits + metrics pass/fail
  • Make changes to PS recommendations
  • Get instant insights

Full Caching Suite

  • Store temporary data on visitor devices
  • All you have to do is click once
  • Page caching
  • Browser caching
  • Caching of Gravatar
  • RSS caching
  • Manual or automated
  • CloudFlare CDN

Improve Your Assets Totally

  • Reduce the paperwork burden and organize your assets better
  • Improve page load speed
  • Automatic or manual optimization
  • Add/exclude certain files
  • Enable WPMU Dev CDN
  • Super-compress files
  • Reduced size of the view file

GZIP Compression

  • Stylesheets and web pages that are compressed.
  • Reduce file transfer time
  • WPMU DEV Hosting Automated configuration
  • HTML, JavaScript, CSS

45-Point CDN

  • Serve files and assets close to visitors
  • 45 locations across the globe

Advanced Tools

  • Monitoring of uptime
  • Data cleanup
  • Lazy load
  • Performance reports

Hummingbird Configs

  • Create your ideal Hummingbird Pro setup
  • Each site can be accessed through a single click
  • Create unlimited configs


All Pro Plugins

Each single plugin comes with the full access to our Pro Plugins, Full Hub access and every service we offer at no cost.

Defender Pro Smush Pro Hummingbird Pro Hustle Pro Forminator Pro SmartCrawl Pro Branda Pro Integrated Video Shipper Pro Beehive Pro Snapshot Pro

Access to the Hub in full

Run Automated Updates, Configs, performance, uptime, analytics Reports, support, billing for clients and white labeling management all from one command centre.

The WPMU DEV Full Membership includes all the features to be a pro at what you do. Learn more about

All Features

Generate performance reports Speed improvements are recommended Caching of websites Full-page caching Gravatar caching RSS caching Minify the files Google font optimization Combine files Cleaning databases Cloudflare APO Remove URL query strings Set load position GZIP configuration is straightforward Advanced Asset Optimization Controls Multisite asset optimization Inline and deferred assets Easy sync with an uptime monitor Notifications of slow load and down Track average page speed Optimize WooCommerce Cart Fragments Emojis Control Apply settings to sites in bulk by implementing configs Quick 5-step wizard for setting up Integration of Redis’ object caching 45-point WPMU DEV CDN Lazy load comments Critical CSS Prefetch and preconnect options.

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