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LMS Education


Education courses WordPress theme for schools, Educational Consultant LMS Education

Kalvi is a responsive educational WordPress theme that is ideal for teaching, tutoring, and Educational Services. It is the basis for your school education centers, e-learning system Learning academy, Training center, and University, as well as course marketplace and the educational institution’s website.

The most effective Multi-Course WordPress education website template from ThemeForest includes features such as the following: Course Information, Student Plans teacher profile Search for Courses, Account page, student and tutor profile advanced assessment options like grades and point systems

The most effective WordPress theme designed for educational institutions is suitable for websites such as Academies, Learning Institutes, Colleges, Schools, and Universities. Choose the appropriate course and then complete it with certificates.

It is easy to create an engaging online teaching site and impart your knowledge to students from all over the world with just only a couple of clicks. In addition to e-learning, you can also design websites for schools, kindergartens, and colleges, universities, or…

A useful Education theme that comes with extensive and simple-to-read documentation, as well as first-class support that will make your site creation easier than ever before.

 LMS Education Theme Shortcodes

  • Blockquotes
  • Buttons and Lists
  • Carousel
  • Columns
  • Contact Information
  • Content Shortcodes
  • Custom Posts
  • Boxes with fancy Boxes
  • Icon Boxes, and more!

LMS Shortcodes

    • Class Search
    • Class Instant Search
    • Free Classes
    • Paid Classes
    • Upcoming Classes
    • Recent Classes
    • The majority of the classes that are members
    • The most highly rated classes
    • Shortcodes for Instructors
    • Instructor Training
    • Class Grid and List
    • Class Lists
    • Class Listings Isotope
    • Carousel Class
    • Package Shortcodes
    • Course Search
    • Course Instant Search
    • Free Courses
    • Paid Courses
    • Upcoming Courses
    • Recent Courses
    • The majority of courses are member-owned.
    • The most highly rated courses
    • Instructor Training
    • Course Categories
    • Course Grid
    • Course Schedule
    • Course Lists Isotope
    • Course Carousel






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