MarketKing – Ultimate Multi Vendor Marketplace Plugin for WooCommerce

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# 1 Multivendor
Create a WooCommerce plugin
The ultimate solution for the powerful multi-vendor WooCommerce stores.
Premium Design – Modern Sales Control Panel
Hidden Shared Carriage System (Shared Carriage)
Local WooCommerce integration of vendor product, coupons and order management
137+ Forms: Sales people, invoices, membership packages, and more.
The only product with a hidden design is a multi-vendor system
Vendor Documents, Symbols, SEO Store, Vendor Verification
Strict commissions, store inspections, refunds, sales

Sales panel.
Premium, Contemporary design.
Dashboard has in-depth control over vendor products, orders, funds and more.

Announcements and communication systems
Local WooCommerce Control for products, coupons and orders
Coins, charts and posters
Deployment plans: Invoice, SEO, Policy, etc.
Store reviews, returns, sales staff, records, and more.
The dashboard design is independent of the theme. On any page it looks like we did.

Admin Management.
25+ Power modules.
Build a rich store with 137+ units in 25+ module.

25+ Customizable modules help you achieve your project goals
Deep admin control with 18+ rear panels
Dashboards, reports, sales units, permits, and more.
Module design, deep integration in the hidden

In-depth analysis of the seller.
Advanced programs.
Vendors have more in-depth management skills than their stores.

Vendors can create their own invoice of type
Broadband (zone based) viewing
SEO plan for each store
Support from outside vendor URL, special email or built-in touch bar.
Policy, notice, rest areas, etc.

Marvel sellers.
Each retailer has his or her own store page customized.

The layout of the store can be selected from 3 within themes.
Each retailer manages their stores through their programs.
Address system, search, tracking key, etc.
Vendors can customize their shape and banner images through the control panel.

Producteke retailer.
Property design.
Most retailers can sell the same product. There are powerful ‘Other Tips’.

The ‘Other Gifts’ pan shows all vendors and compares offers. Customizable ‘Show More’ button
Set the price by the seller or the seller’s price.
The smart cache and visual system simply shows the top product performance on store pages.
Vendors can add any product to their store with a single click.
The admin can easily decide which products are behind the vendors.
The smart system can reduce its value once it goes out of action and then sees a change.

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