Maxxiev1.0 – Multipurpose eCommerce PSD Template

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Maxxie – Multi-purpose e-commerce PSD template
Maxxie’s new multi-purpose e-commerce PSD template is suitable for almost all types of websites. The perfect solution for creating a great design for rolling out the whole world. The highly advanced, ready-to-use, clean, modern design, the ultimate-flexible, functional PSD template for many of your design projects. Designed for manufacturers. That is why we call it the “Multi-purpose”.

Maxi has a lot of great ideas too. The user experience and user interface are built with intense stress. Strongly meets the requirements of web design types worldwide.

The PSD design is also smart, intuitive and intelligent. So it is easy to fix anywhere, anytime, anywhere. It can improve your business, speed up production processes and disrupt customer performance. Also a great PSD for building your dream websites.

The download folder contains 15+ pages of PSD files. Layered layers are well organized, so it takes time to find and fix the required layer. The file format is fully customizable to facilitate the processing of end users.

Mazziev features

Explore the images you will use with this PSD template.

1. 15+ Large PIXEL PERFECT PSD Files
Maxxie offers design options unlimited to fifteen + standard PSD files.

2. The idea of ​​eternal creation
Many design tips are included in the Maxxie PSD Template to make sure you complete the project without trying to think. Maxi is not only beautiful but also creative and flexible, easy to fix.

3. Save your money
Imagine buying multiple PSD Templates to get tips for each design project. Now all you need is a Maxxie PSD template with 15+ great designs waiting for you.

The manufactured parts are designed with precision, stiffness and excellent design and high quality assurance.

All of Maxxie’s designs are easy to change with just a few clicks. For everyone, Max doesn’t have to have creative skills.

The user names are named and make sure that all users understand and are easy to use.

Other things
Maxxie is a multi-purpose e-commerce PSD template suitable for almost all e-commerce websites.

1. Easy to repair, use and maintain
Good for the user, no information required. Basic WordPress users can use it again easily.

All templates for PSD Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari and more. compatible with such major browsers

Phones, Tablets, iPads, laptops, desktops, and more. he answers in full.

4. Great support
It applies to any support issues and delivery systems.

There are also PSD files

    • House 01 – Fashion
    • Musha 02 – Electronic
    • Home 03 – Furniture
    • 02 – Megamenu
    • 03 – Product Page
    • 04 – Product Description Pages
    • 05 – Product information 01
    • 06 – Product information 02
    • 07 – Section Page
    • 08 – Blog Page 01
    • 09 – Blog Page 02
    • Pages 10 – 404
    • 11 – Blog one page
    • 12 – Basket Page
    • 13 – Bata nesu
    • 14 – Exit Page
    • 15 – Dream List Page
    • 16 – My Account Page

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