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Media Cleaner


Get rid of WordPress from unnecessary files within your filesystem and empty entries in the Media Library. Through numerous collaborations, this powerful tool was perfected. You’ll love it If you don’t tell me! It will be better for me if I can.


Media Cleaner Performance

Faster, faster, and better WordPress!


Even though the plugin can be quite complex, the interface is easy!

Support of the highest standard

Images aren’t being recognized correctly? This can be corrected. We’re looking to make the software perfect for all users.

Media Cleaner Pro & Free Versions

Free Version

  • Media Library Scan

    Discovers which entries in media (images or PDFs, as well as other files) aren’t being used and removes the entries.

  • A powerful analysis

    The analysis goes through your posts, meta-posts widgets, your posts, and so on.

Pro Version

  • Everything from the Free Version

  • Filesystem Scan

    Check the files for errors directly. It is recommended that you remove all files that are not listed within your Media Library.

Plugins & Page Builders Support

To clarify, the fact that the Pro Version supports more plugins and page builders does not mean that it will detect more files; on contrary, it will provide fewer false-positive results (which means more accurate). The Free Version will require you to be more vigilant. While the Pro Version is more precise, you still need to be cautious. Contact us if you find false positive results with the Pro Version. We will also take your case.

Media Library Scan / Filesystem Scan

There’s no more powerful scan than any other. However, each of them will produce different results. Different scans produce different outcomes. In order to get your WordPress at 100% the first time, you have to do both. It is possible that you only require one based on how WordPress is used.

  • Media Library Scanning: Media Cleaner first scans the entire WordPress site and creates a database with all files that are used in your content. Then, it will go through each media item that is in your Media Library, and check if it’s part of the files used.
  • Filesystem Scan: Media Cleaner will analyze your whole Media Library (including the metadata) and create a database of the files which are registered in it. It will then scan every file on your filesystem or hard drive to determine whether it is part of the frequently used list of files.

This is the default behavior (and highly recommended). As you will learn in the video tutorial, you can modify this behavior by changing the settings.

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