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MonsterInsights Pro


The Best WordPress Analytics Plugin

Join 3,000,000+ Professionals who use MonsterInsights increase their profits with confidence.

  • Real-Time
  • E-Commerce
  • GDPR
  • User Behavior
  • SEO Ranking
  • Over 100
    Data Points

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The Best WordPress Analytics Plugin 

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The #1 Google Analytics plugin for WordPress that’s easy and Highly Effective

MonsterInsights is the top Google Analytics plugin for WordPress. Here are the features that makes MonsterInsights the most powerful and easy-to-use WordPress analytics plugin on the market.


Universal Analytics & GA4

Install universal tracking for websites and Google Analytics 4 across devices and campaigns with just small number of steps (without using any codes).


Google Analytics Dashboard

Check your website’s analytics report right inside your WordPress dashboard with actionable insights.


Real-time Stats

You can access real-time statistics right inside WordPress to track who’s online, what they’re doing, and more.


Enhanced Ecommerce Tracking

One-click Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce tracking for WooCommerce. Easy Digital Downloads and MemberPress.


Page Level Analytics

Get the most detailed statistics for each page or post, so you can identify the most popular posts, pages and sections of your site.


Automatically track clicks on your affiliate banners, ads, and other outbound links with our link tracking.


EU Compliance (GDPR Friendly)

Help make Google Analytics compliant with GDPR and other privacy rules automatically.


Custom Dimensions

Setup tracking for authors Categories, tags searches, custom post types Users, authors, and other occasions with a single-click.


Performance & Optimize

Allow Google Optimize to test A/B, adjust speed & sample rate, and a host of other advanced options.

… as well as seamless Tracking Integration with Your Favorite Plugins

MonsterInsights offers 1-click tracking integration to popular WordPress plugins as well as services.






Gravity Forms

Easy Digital Downloads

Pretty Links

Formidable Forms



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  • It just works. Really easy way to insert Google Analytics tracking code and retain it when changing themes. There is no need to copy and paste codes everywhere. This is the most efficient method of handling Google Analytics in WordPress.

    – Steven Gliebe – Founder of ChurchThemes

  • Analytics for PROs! This plugin has it all fantastic features and useful data to help you see exactly the results of your work.

    – Frank van der Sluijs

  • Simple, yet powerful. A fantastic plugin that precisely what’s expected, and even more.

    – Matt Jaworski

Top 5 Reasons Why Over 3 Million Users Love MonsterInsights

With over 3,000,000+ active installations, MonsterInsights is the most loved Google Analytics plugin for WordPress. Here’s why smart business leaders as well as marketers and developers are raving about MonsterInsights and are sure to love it too!

Setup Google Analytics on Your WordPress Site in just a few minutes (without writing code).

Before MonsterInsights, you needed to employ a developer or have the knowledge to properly set up Google Analytics, add event tracking, configure eCommerce tracking, etc. It could take several days, if not even weeks.The process can be quite lengthy.

MonsterInsights allows you to make the process “effortless” to setup Google Analytics to be used in WordPress The RIGHT way. Install the plugin and activate the features you’re interested in with just few clicks. No coding required!

Setup Website Analytics in 5 Minutes – Get MonsterInsights Now

Get to Know Your Website Visitors in a Whole New Way

With MonsterInsights you will be able to get useful data about your users right from Your WordPress dashboard.It’s easy to see the information about your visitors right inside your dashboard.

Our Audience Report provides you with the country your visitors are from, the topics they are more interested in, what devices are they using, their age, gender and so much more.

These insights can be used to enhance your overall web strategy.

Unlock Your Website Audience Report – Get MonsterInsights Now

See Exactly How People Find & Use Your Website

Are you interested in seeing what’s working on your site and What’s not working?

MonsterInsights Behavior Report shows you exactly how people find your site, what keywords did they search for and who recommended them to your site, the reason they clicked on your site and much more.

You can use these insights to identify low-hanging fruit, new partnership opportunities, and the most profitable areas to concentrate on!

Unlock Your Website Behavior Report – Get MonsterInsights Now

Make sure you are focusing on the content That Matters

MonsterInsights can help you cut out your “guess work” when it comes to finding out what topics your customers are interested in.

Our report on content will show you exactly which pages get the most traffic So you can study and make improvements to it for better conversions.

In conjunction with our report on the search console and custom dimensions, and you are on the way to dominance over SEO and higher positions!

Unlock Your Website Content Report – Get MonsterInsights Now

See All Your Important Store Metrics in One Place

Find the answers to all of your eCommerce-related questions in a single report.

MonsterInsights shows you important eCommerce metrics like total revenue as well as conversion percentage, value of orders Top products, top referral sources, and much more.

Use these tips to increase sales and revenue.

Unlock Your Ecommerce Report – Get MonsterInsights Now

Get Better Insights. Take Action. Grow FASTER!

Join more than 3 million website owners to make data-driven decisions that will grow your business.

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What can your business gain from MonsterInsights?

It’s Easy to Double Your Traffic and Sales When You Know Exactly How People Find and Use Your Website. MonsterInsights provides you with the Stats that Matter! Here’s how MonsterInsights can help you grow your business:


Publishers (Bloggers)

… Our customers love us because we provide them with strategies to increase blog traffic and boost affiliate ad revenue.

  • Increase Blog Traffic
  • Grow Affiliate & Ad Revenue
  • Get More Email Subscribers
  • Write Better Content


Store Owners (Ecommerce)

… Our clients love us as we share the insights to help double sales and improve conversions.

  • Reduce Cart Abandonment
  • Improve Conversion Rate
  • Identify New Referral Partners
  • Double Overall Sales


Business Websites

… love us because we assist them in identifying untapped opportunities and needle-movers.

  • Look up the statistics that matter.
  • Unlock Easy-Win Opportunities
  • Get More Email Subscribers
  • Write Better Content


Agencies (Developers)

… We are loved by our clients because we’re able to help clients setup Google Analytics on client sites in under 5 minutes.

  • Make Time for Analytics with Setup
  • Reduce Mistakes and Errors
  • Easy for Clients to See Reports
  • Raise Hourly Rate Efficiency

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