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The Neoh iNFT Portfolio and Landing HTML template that can be used to build your NFT Portfolio page. Neoh is specially designed for NFT blockchain, crypto, crypto art, digital and other multi-purpose HTML templates. Only accept our Live NFT Portfolio and Landing HTML template.

t is important to showcase NFT products properly and efficiently to sell them well.

Now, in the 21st century, the demand to showcase your NFT products for resale on relevant popular marketplaces like Opensea and Discord, etc. is skyrocketing.

You might have to use some CMS templates to showcase your products. However, you may need filters to sort your products in a convenient order. Not all CMS can help you in such complicated situations. You may find CMSs that have this capability, but customizing them can be a hassle for you.

Solving this demand

We solved this problem and created a template based on HTML. Yes, you read that right, an HTML template to solve this problem. You may ask how this is possible because it is practically impossible.

This HTML template was created with love from designing each page to writing clean code.

Home page options

In order for you to choose from, 4 home pages have been created.

  • Home Static
  • Full Kenburns
  • Half Kenburns
  • Half Slider

Roadmap is the best thing on your site and very useful for your customers and guests

You have plans for the future and you want to briefly tell your users, customers, and guests of your website about it … And this has found its solution in this template. The roadmap is imprinted on each of the home pages. And a separate page has been created for all plans, and a page has been created for you to tell a little more about these plans.

HTML project, but the dynamism rolls over

The main feature of the template is the ability to work with your products on the Collection page. You can show all your NFT products on this page, which have a lot of categories.

For example, the type category, which includes subcategories of the type: man, spirit, fire, and sand, and the special category, which also includes many subcategories, and there are plenty of such categories and subcategories.

And these filters work without any failures and, what is important, they are made very convenient for you. You may wonder

“Wait, how can I do it, this is probably too difficult and dreary?”

I will make you happy. No. Let’s tell you how it works. Let’s say our first product has the following categories.

  • Human (Type) has data-id=”1”
  • Black Yukata (Clothing) has data-id=”18”
  • Maroon Bun (Hair) has data-id=”21”
  • Red Stripes Face Paint (Face) has data-id=”31”
  • Determined (Eyes) has data-id=”37”
  • Closed (Mouth) has data-id=”42”
  • Chill Headphones (Neck) has data-id=”47”

Neoh Full Features

    • Fully Responsive HTML5
    • Online Documentation
    • CSS3 Animations
    • SEO optimized
    • Mobile Navigations
    • Fully Responsive to all devices
    • Developer Friendly Coding
    • Very Well Documented
    • Free Updates

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