Sell Tickets and Manage Registration on WordPress

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Sell Tickets and Manage Registration on WordPress


Manage tickets and RSVPs with no cost using Event Tickets. You can also upgrade to Plus to gain access to customized registration fields advanced widgets, premium support , and more.FreeThe basics to sell tickets and gathering RSVPs on your site.

Free Forever DownloadEssential features

  • RSVPs
  • Tickets sales
  • Email confirmation
  • PayPal as well as Stripe integrations


Increase the number of tickets sold with additional features and premium customer service.

$99Support and updates all year long.

Buy Now!Everything is the Free plus

  • Premium support
  • E-commerce is ready
  • Custom registration
  • Stocks of shares
  • QR code check-in
  • Advanced widgets
  • Apple Pay and Google Pay
Make use of Event Tickets Plus…

Control your tickets.

You own your ticket sales

Create tickets directly from your WordPress dashboard. No third-party websites are required, there are no additional fees for ticket processing.

Tickets where you want them
Robust ticket management
On-site event management
Online events

Want a closer look? Check out Live Preview.

Your tickets Your way.


Online events

Control registrations for online classes and virtual events. Include virtual events to enhance the functionality.


Control tickets across campus and departments.

Nightlife and venues

Tickets to live performances can be sold and let the guests download tickets or print them from home.


From fundraising events to free events It is easy to organize tickets and RSVPs.


Collect RSVPs and sell them for the next event in your community.

Sell Tickets and Manage Registration on WordPress feature

    • eCommerce integration

      Powerful ticket sales using PayPal through Tickets Commerce. It’s our no-cost E-commerce solution. Upgrade to Plus for complete WooCommerce integration, which allows you to utilize other payment gateways, such as Stripe and Braintree.

    • Attendee registration forms

      Gather important information from name and email for T-shirt size , food preferences and.

    • Shortcodes

      Place the blocks of purchase to RSVP and tickets on your website.

    • Mobile ticketing app

      QR check-ins make day-of-event managing a breeze.

    • Ticket stock countdown

      Inform customers about the remaining tickets by calculating ticket counts automatically.

    • Custom ticket tiers

      Divide stock among ticket types or permit unlimited attendance.

    • WordPress ticket management

      Make all of your tickets and RSVPs directly from your WordPress dashboard. No third-party sites.

    • Ticket insights

      Create attendance and sales reports for your tickets and events.

    • Email confirmation

      Make sure attendees are informed by sending automatic confirmations of tickets.

    • Online event registration

      Control registration and ticket sales for your paid or free virtual events.

    • Display attendees

      Enhance engagement by displaying publicly who’s attending an event.

    • Attendee-only content

      Display certain information (like hyperlinks to virtual events, and registration) only to those who are attending the event.

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