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Simp Modal Window


Simp Modal Window – WordPress Popup Plugin

SIMP Modal Window is feature powerful popup plugin for WordPress It lets you create unlimited pop-ups and have complete control on layout, design, content and display, it’s entirely up to you when, where and when you’d like to display the pop-up to users of your blog or website.

Before you give any negative rating, please review the Help file that is included in package. You can also contact me via the contact form on the my support tab for the item, I will try my best to solve your issue. Thank you!

What Buyer Says About Simp Modal Plugin

webeze777 says:
I’d been searching to find a simple and easy modal plug-in for a while, but the ones I came across were either unwieldy or not supported. The plug-in works exactly as it says and the support provided by the developer is excellent. I highly recommend this plugin.

Xancholy states:
Anjum is very helpful and prompt in their support for this plug-in. I had problems with my website that they were able to fix quickly and showed me the correct method to use it. Great Support!

digitalplusconsulting says:
Fantastic. I appreciate your prompt response. I’ll offer your program 5 stars.

Simp Modal Window Latest Version 1.7 (May 28, 2021)

NOTE: After updating to version 1.7 you must update the modales (popups) settings. Now, you can pop-ups use max-width, max-height, padding and border radius using the same values, e.g(360px or 60 percent) instead of 360 or 60.
Additionally, the Auto Close Timer, Delayed and cookies time inputs are converted to input text, which allows you to enter the duration in seconds by hand.
New effects for transitions are added to both the opening as well as closing modes.

  • Testing for compatibility with WordPress 5.7.x
  • Modal duplicate (clone) feature (upon the request of buyers).
  • New User Interface (show/hide the appropriate fields).
  • Display modal display feature added on closing the browser window by using the onbeforeunload event.
  • New 14 transition effects added.
  • The URL hash popup is now activated.
  • Now supports responsive (fluid) pop-ups.
  • And More…

Simp Modal Window Live Examples

  • Facebook Like Box Display Once After 10 Minutes
  • Trigger On Click Images and Video Popups
  • Display and Close Popup After Time Duration
  • Display Popup Only on Archives Pages
  • Display Popup Only on Search Pages
  • Display Modal prior to leaving page At Exit

Simp Modal Window Main Features

    • Create Unlimited Modal Windows (Popups)
    • Unlimited Layout Design Options
    • Control Where to Display Popup
    • Delayed Timer Display Modal
    • Auto Close Timer Settings
    • Visitor’s Cookie Settings
    • Auto Updates Notifications
    • Multilingual, Ready to Translating into Your Language
    • Each pop-up has its own set of settings


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