Struninn – Youtube Feed and Playlists Slider

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Struninn – Youtube Feed and Playlists Slider for Elementor

Connect to your Account!

Connect to your YouTube account to the plugin and it will automatically collect all information for you!

Easy to Use/Install

It is an Elementor widget it is very simple to install and utilize! After installation, the widgets will show up on the Elementor editor. Then, simply drag them to begin making changes!

WordPress Shortcodes

Shortcodes can be used to display widgets on WordPress pages and posts. Check out the WordPress Docs Shortcodes page for further details.

YouTube Videos

The channel videos widget to show your channel’s videos. Customization options include slider or grid templates, which display the videos in a set, in order and quantity of video!.

YouTube Playlists

You can make use of the Channel playlist slider widget to show your channel playlists. Customization options include the number of playlists and slides per view. You can also add the space between slides, as well as autoplay!.

YouTube API

YouTube requires you to sign up an account in order to to make request to YouTube’s resources (YouTube applications are limited to quotas). Read the documentation for more details


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