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SUMO Affiliates


SUMO Affiliates Pro is a Comprehensive WordPress Affiliates Plugin to manage an affiliate program on your existing WordPress Site. Affiliate commissions can be rewarded in exchange for actions such as signing up for affiliates forms, submission of forms, product purchases, and so on.


SUMO Features

    • Comprehensive WordPress Affiliate Plugin
    • WooCommerce Integration
    • Affiliate commission for submission of form through Contact Form7 Formidable Forms WP Formulas
    • Affiliate commission for email subscription through MailChimp’s ActiveCampaign
    • Affiliate commission for accessing individual pages/posts that have landing commission shortcodes
    • Registration form for affiliates
    • Users can attach documents while submitting the affiliate registration form.
    • WooCommerce gives you the opportunity to become an affiliate through the creation of an account.
    • Anyone who has an account can join as an affiliate.
    • Site admin can give the option the user who logs into the site and attempts to join an affiliate. Control the affiliate account already in place. – Create a separate affiliate promotion account. The user is then able to make the decision
    • Option for the site admin to notify and be informed about affiliate’s activities by SMS or Email
    • Separate table to permit the site administrator to manage affiliates
    • Option for site administrators to approve all affiliate applications/approve after reviewing
    • Separate dashboard for affiliates to control the affiliate’s promotion
    • Option for the site administrator to make unlimited tabs within the affiliate dashboard
    • Affiliates can create an unlimited number of affiliate links
    • QR code is available for affiliate links. It can also be downloaded as an image
    • Link validity is limited to the particular product for which the link was created.
    • Refer a friend for affiliates
    • Option for site administrators to create a unique landing page for affiliates
    • The site administrator can customize the link’s validity
    • Option for admin of the site to determine affiliates by the Affiliate ID Affiliate Name
    • Option for site administrators to allow their affiliates to alter their affiliate slug
    • Option for the site admin to allow affiliates to generate easy to read affiliate links(Pretty affiliate links)
    • Your Affiliates may advertise the products you sell on your website, without the use of an affiliate link
    • MLM System for Affiliates
    • You can modify the quantity and amount of MLM commissions to be granted, along with the referrals.
    • Affiliate Commission Signup
    • Affiliate Sign-up Commission
    • WooCommerce Product Order Commission
    • Option for site admin to determine the commission amount for each product on an affiliate basis
    • Affiliates are able to earn referral fees when their referrals use the WooCommerce coupons that are connected to them.
    • Option for the admin of the site to provide lifetime commissions to affiliates for the purchases that they refer to their affiliates.
    • Separate Table to capture URLs that were visited via an affiliate link
    • The Conversion Status of Affiliate Links will also be recorded.
    • Separate table to be used to record referral actions which were converted
    • Option for the site admin to approve the referrals automatically/approve the referrals after review
    • Referral commissions are restricted to certain types of products/categories
    • The site administrator can decide to stop awarding affiliate commissions if the person who is referred has made greater orders than – The person who is referred has made more purchases on the website _ The person being referred has paid more on one purchase
  • Option for the administrator of the website to allow their customers to choose an affiliate option during the checkout and the affiliate commission from that purchase will be paid to that affiliate
  • Option for the administrator of the site to permit their affiliates to access the order details of their referrers
  • Option for site admin to earn commissions on purchases Through Affiliate Links
  • When a user is using multiple affiliate links in an action of referral, the site admin can choose to award commissions for the first affiliate . commission for the latest affiliate
  • Site admin can set a maximum amount of commission for any referral
  • Site administrators can approve referral payments for their affiliates with any of the payment methods as listed below PayPal Payouts Bank Transfer – Affiliate wallet – Reward Points(Requires Reward Points SUMO)
  • Option for site administrators to attach files to emails that are sent to affiliates
  • Site admins can generate and automatically send the payout documents in PDF format to the email messages for payouts
  • Option to notify the administrator of the site and affiliate by pushover announcement of referral actions
  • Option for admin of the site to display the leaderboard of affiliates
  • Option for site admin and affiliate to view detailed reports on affiliate marketing on the site
  • Option for site admin to email periodic reports to affiliates
  • Site admins have the option of exporting following information in CSV Visitors – Affiliates — Referrals
  • Site administrators have the possibility to create banners for promotional purposes which can be used to promote advertising affiliates for the site
  • Compatible with SUMO Rewards Points Affiliate commissions may be distributed as Rewards points (Requires SUMO Points Plugin).
  • Compatible with SUMO Subscriptions The site admin to award affiliate commission for – Only initial payments – Both initial and renewal payments
  • Compatible with SUMO Payment Plans – Payment plan product’s affiliate commission will be awarded after the final payment for the product has been received.
  • Compatible With SUMO Pre-Orders Site administrators can offer commission for -Pay Upfront Products -Pay on Release Products
  • Highly configurable
  • Complete list of shortcodes
  • Translation available
  • and many more


Compatible with

SUMO Affiliates Pro is Compatible with

1. WooCommerce SUMO Reward Points Reward Points and Points System

2. SUMO Subscriptions – WooCommerce Subscription System

3. SUMO WooCommerce Payment and Deposit Plans as well as WooCommerce Deposits

4. Pre-Orders for WooCommerce by SUMO

5. WooCommerce Recover Carts That Have Been Abandoned

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