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WhatsApp Chat


WhatsApp Chat for WordPress plugin lets you integrate WhatsApp Chat for WordPress plugin allows you to integrate WhatsApp experience directly onto your site. It is the best way to interact and connect with your customers. You can offer support directly as well as build trust and increase customer loyalty.


1. WhatsApp Widget 2. WhatsApp Button on WooCommerce Product Page
3. WhatsApp Custom Shortcode Buttons


WhatsApp Gutenberg Block Demo



NinjaTeam WhatsApp Chat plugin allows you to integrate multiple accounts belonging to your members into a WhatsApp box for display. Your customers can select which person they would like to chat with They know precisely with whom they are talking with.

NinjaTeam WhatsApp chat plugin provides users with the option to choose colours of the WhatsApp box to match the style and style of your website. Moreover, you can customize each box for each person in accordance with their availability including a photo, a name tag and the job title. When you are online, the button will be green or whatever color you set, otherwise it’s gray. If you’re not reacting quickly, users don’t think they’re being ignored. They are aware of your exact time in which you established it in the first place.

Is you site multi-language? Don’t worry! You can utilize any WordPress translation plugins like WPML or Polylang to alter any languages on your site quickly and easily.

With shortcode from NinjaTeam WhatsApp Chat, your site can display the WhatsApp box wherever you want on your website. It could be a webpage, a post, some particular pages, posts or your entire site.

We took on the most challenging aspect of coding. We spent a lot of time designing and creating the UI/UX as perfect as we can. All you have to do is to upload the plugin to WordPress and then activating the plugin, then customizing the available options , and you’re done!

Chat with customers anywhere, anytime! It’s never been more simple to connect with your customers, and you can stop losing potential leads!


After installing the plugin you have all settings in the control of you to modify the WhatsApp widget to your WordPress site by adding user accounts or support agents with telephone numbers or group chat links.

The widget is available across all pages or just those pages you want to appear on. Additionally, you can enable WhatsApp button under WooCommerce Add to Cart button.
Each account has its own shortcode, which you can copy and paste to any place on your site to provide customers assistance.
When a user clicks an account that he would like to chat with, he will directed to WhatsApp app , if using a mobile device and WhatsApp web if on desktop.






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