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Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/woocommerce-product-builder/19934326

WooCommerce Product Builder is a plugin that allows your customers to build a complete product set of small parts step by step. The plugin works on WooCommerce with many useful features like compatible, email finished product, features filters

WooCommerce Product Builder FEATURES:

The plugin enables your customers to build complete products step by step. You can set up steps, in each step there will be products. You will decide which products will appear in a step, then customers will choose one or more of those products.

Create product builder pages: Each product builder will be displayed on the front as a page, customers will build their products on this page. You can add as many product builders as you want.
Multiple steps: Add as many steps as your customers need to select product parts.
Change step name: Choose a name for each step such as STEP 1 – Mainboard, STEP 2 – CPU … Use the shortcode {step_number} to display the number of currency steps.
Choose product and categories for each step: You can choose which product categories will appear in each step and then customers can choose one (or more) in that step.
Select Multiple Products: Allow customers to add more than one product at a time. If this option is disabled, when customers select a product, they will be automatically redirected to the next step.
Quantity field: This option allows customers to select products quantity. If this option is disabled, the quantity will be set to 1
Preview Button: The preview feature allows customers to see their complete product before purchase. The preview page will appear in the last step, by activating this option you will allow customers to visit the preview page from any step.
Product per page: Choose how many products will be displayed on the front of one page.
Make sure that all selected product parts will work properly. The compatible attribute works based on attribute values. For example: In STEP 1 – CPU, customers select a CPU with the attribute “Socket” has its value as “LGA 1151”, then in STEP 2 – Mainboard he will only find main boards that have the socket LGA 1151 (this property value must be at products are added)

Feature pieces help your customers find the product they want to buy more easily. To enable feature sets, visit Appearance / Puzzles, search for WC Product Building Puzzles and drag / drop them to WC Product Builder Sidebar area. Please note that the plugin will not work with personal features. To add / edit features, please visit Products / Features

Price filter: Allows customers to find products in a price range.
Rating filter: Allows customers to find products based on ratings.
Feature Filter: Allows customers to find features based on features. Such as color, brand …
Once a product has been built, customers can review it again on the preview page. This page will display information about product names, prices, quantity, total price. Then customers can choose to pay out or email the finished product.

Customers can email their finished product

Shortcode: There are 3 shortcodes to help you compile the product emails.
{email}: sender email
{subject}: email subject
{message_content}: product information
“Thank you” message: A message notifies customers that their products have been successfully shipped.
The plug-in offers many options to change the front design.

Text color: Change the text color button
Background color: Change the background color of the button
Primary text color: Change the text-float button
Primary Background Color: Change the Button Background Floating Color
Button Icon: Select the button icon style. There are 2 styles of text and icon.
Custom CSS: Add your own CSS code to customize the front-end






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