WooCommerce Product Configurator v1.6.2

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WooCommerce Product Configurator


WooCommerce Product Configurator

Save time creating images for product variations
Use image layers to create the final product image – saves you time.
Your customers can visually configure a product in WooCommerce – show them any combination with little effort.

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Iconic WooCommerce Product Configurator
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WooCommerce Product Configurator Features

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WooCommerce Product Configurator
A product configurator for WooCommerce

Make product customization easy to use

When customers select each product option, the product image is updated with a new layer – making for a much more satisfying experience.
Once added to cart, customers can see a mini-preview of their final product with the options they’ve chosen—avoiding confusion and reducing the number of cart interruptions.
This plugin is a user experience dream! It works as it should and allows my website visitors to easily create their own custom products.

Save time with layered image layers

Use transparent PNG image layers for each product configuration to save countless hours creating image combinations.
Adding an additional product option is as simple as adding a new attribute and a PNG layer.
We use this plugin to create thousands of configurations for products and the plugin is very solid.

Manage stock levels for each product option

Manage stock levels for any product option directly from the product edit page – simplify inventory management.
Quickly view inventory so you have enough of each component in stock – saving customers frustration.
I use four of the Iconics plugins. Their support is a bit like eating pizza in Naples – I never thought it could be this good.


Customize WooCommerce products on any device

Let customers create their products on the go so you don’t miss out on potential sales.
Deliver the best possible customer experience, no matter what device your customer is using.
I tried a few and bought 2 other product configurator plugins before this, one from Iconic, but the others didn’t work directly or were unresponsive on mobile. I am happy to recommend this plugin.

Mark Riley, Riley and Thomas
Mark Riley
Riley and Thomas
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More WooCommerce Product Configurator amazing features

WooCommerce Product Configurator also includes all the following features – Optimize your WooCommerce store today and increase sales and conversions.

layered images
The PNGs assigned to each variant are combined to create a layered product image.

Compatible with mobile devices
WooCommerce product configurator works well on all devices.

Inventory management
Easily manage stock levels for each of the product attribute options.

It looks and works like a native WooCommerce functionality.

Easy to configure
There are no complicated options, just simple options for each variation.

It works with any well-coded theme and updates the main product image as options change.

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