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Readabler is an WordPress accessibility plugin that broadens the accessibility of information to those who have special accessibility needs. The availability of content for those with disabilities or difficulty with information processing is the primary goal of any website’s operations.

According to the World Health Organization research: worldwide, one billion people have a vision impairment that could have been prevented or is yet to be treated.

These 1 billion people include people with severe or moderate vision impairments or blindness due to untreated refractive error (123.7 million) cataract (65.2 million) or an eye condition called glaucoma (6.9 million) corneal Opacities (4.2 million) or the diabetic eye (3 million) or Trachoma (2 million), as well as near vision impairment due to unaddressed presbyopia (826 millions).

The accessibility plugin for WordPress will make publications on your site available to individuals who have hearing or visual impairments.

The Readabler is a light and efficient solution for increasing accessibility of content on any WordPress website. It is built on JavaScript, making it fully compatible with all existing WordPress Themes and extensions. It also permits the plugin to function quickly in any modern browser, whether on smartphones, laptops as well as a desktop computer.

Through the plugin’s settings, you are able to choose an array of options and options to be used on your site. Additionally, the plugin includes 5 pre-installed profiles that will enhance the accessibility of your site for people with Epilepsy, Visual Impaired as well as Cognitive Disability ADHC and even for people who are completely or partially blind.

Readable Experience

Another of its major characteristics is to enhance the readability of text. To solve this problem, the plugin has settings to scale the entire page, or for only certain types of test, like, a heading or plain text. Important for readingability are the settings for increasing letter and line spacings by changing all text’s alignment.

If you struggle to read text written in calligraphic and sans fonts, the plugin offers an option to change the font on the entire site to make it more readable or one that is appropriate for people who suffer from Dyslexia.
Of course, an essential element of any site is interaction with its pages, for which the plugin has options for highlighting text and titles, and also a magnifier that enlarges the text when you hover your mouse over it.

Visually enticing

For those with visual impairments The plugin has the ability to optimize the entire page’s appearance or individual elements on the page.

In addition to the normal brightness, saturation and contrast control modes the plugin also makes the site monochrome , in black-white mode.
and the alteration in the color of fonts and backgrounds makes available text that in its normal format might not be read, or even visible and increases the accessibility of content on the webpage.

The ease of orientation

A broad range of settings to improve the WordPress accessibility for users with disabilities of the eye. The Readabler is a program that analyzes the load time of the website and creates a list of all links on the page. A number of links will not go unnoticed or inaccessible for any reason.

One of the most important settings in this group allows you to block anything that blinks or flickers including videos, CSS animations, and animated GIF images.
Large cursors in white and black are included within the plugin to aid navigation using the mouse. There are several modes to improve the selection of objects to hover and focus as well as modes for controlling the page from the keyboard.

For people who cannot use the keyboard to type the test text, we’ve added a full virtual keyboard in the plugin. It is an on-screen keyboard with which you can type text using devices such as either a touchpad or mouse.

Text to Speech

A key feature for visually impaired people is the recognition and sounding of text on a page. The Readabler makes use of the latest technology of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to provide a high-quality human voice. The Text-to-Speech recognition basis uses the Google Cloud Platform, which ensures the plugin’s stability and speeds anywhere in the world.

The Readabler WordPress plugin converts text into human-like voice with more than 240 voices in 40+ languages and variants. It applies groundbreaking research into speech synapses (WaveNet) and Google’s powerful neural networks to deliver high-fidelity audio.

All you need to do to hear the text on the page is turn to the setting mode and then choose the text. Please note that Google may charge additional fees to enable this option.

Online Dictionary

For people with memory problems or who are unable to remember the definitions of things and concepts We included Wikipedia to the plugin. To gain access to the vast information base on Wikipedia You must access the control panel for accessibility and create a word to explain what it means in the search field. In a few seconds, Wikipedia will show everything it has learned about this item or idea. And all this happens without ever leaving your site or the warm and welcoming environment that users have created for himself.


A key aspect of this is that user preferences are saved when they leave the website. This means you do not have to update your website’s Privacy Policy or Data Protection Policy. They will remain fully compliant with GDPR, CCPA.

The Key features to the WordPress Accessibility WordPress Accessibility Plugin

  • Flexible accessible settings set
  • Draggable accessibility window
  • Animation that appears on the accessibility button
  • The button can be customized to suit the style of the button
  • Code is compliant with standards WCAG 2.0 (AAA)
  • The technology behind text recognition is provided through the Google Cloud API
  • Day(Light) and Night(Dark) Modalities of Color
  • Automatically recognizes languages across 40+ languages
  • Includes exclusive Access to WaveNet technology
  • Compatible with Elementor WPBakery Page Creator and Visual Composer
  • Compatible with all the most WordPress themes that are popular.
  • 7 possible locations for the accessibility button
  • Includes .pot and is ready to translate
  • Perfect for RTL direction
  • Native valid JavaScript without jQuery
  • Huge customization capabilities
  • Beautiful user interface that is modern and elegant.
  • Tested and compatible for use with WordPress 5+
  • Lightweight and quick
  • Fully compatible with the latest browsers
  • Easy to use and customisable
  • Installation guide
  • A detailed user’s manual
  • Six months included support for CodeCanyon customers.

Readabler WordPress Accessibility tested and is compatible with all major WP Plugins: Yoast SEO, Contact Form 7, W3 Total Cache, NextGen Gallery, Slider Revolution, WooCommerce, and many more. It also performs flawlessly and enhances user experience when using popular Website Page Builders like Elementor, Visual Composer, Gutenberg, Beaver Builder, Divi, Themify Builder, WP Bakery Page Builder, Layers WP, and many other. The plugin works flawlessly with all significant WordPress frameworks: Genesis, Divi, Themify, Warp 7, Ultimatum, Beans, Unyson, Gantry and many more.






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