WordPress Automatic Plugin

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WordPress Automatic Plugin


WordPress Automatic Plugin posts from nearly any site to WordPress automatically.

It is able to import data from well-known websites like Youtube and Twitter using their APIs, or import from any other site you want to visit by using its scraping modules

Automated post to Walmart into WordPress. Wordpress Automatic Plugin allows import of Walmart products into WordPress with full support for Woo-Commerce , so that items posted to WordPress can be posted in the form of woo products.

Automated ads insert. you can specify two slots for ads to be automatically added to posts.

Campaign-based. you can setup unlimited campaigns using various keywords and post options . These campaigns will be used together to publish to your website.

Post to a specific categories. you can set which category you want to add new posts to . You can add one category for each campaign.

Posts that have a particular writer. you can choose the author of your new post. You can choose one writer per post.

Tag keywords with keywords. plugin can post keywords in WordPress tags.

Post types that you can custom are supported . plugin can post to your custom post type , similar to the woo-commerce product.

Keywords for auto hyperlinks . plugin can automatically hyperlink specific keywords using the affiliate hyperlink or with any other hyperlink.

Automatically set the WordPress featured images. plugin can auto create a featured image for the post based on the first image within the content of the post.

Cache images on the server. plugin can cache images on the server and alter their links to the link on your website.

Select must-be-existent words or words and phrases. you can specify the words to be included in the content of your WordPress post.

Eliminate terms and expressions. you can set terms and phrases that should not appear in the WordPress content of the post.

Translate the content prior to posting . You can configure your plugin’s automatic translation of the content prior to posting it with Google Translate, Microsoft translator, Deepl and Yandex translate. It can be set to translate the content twice in order to create exclusive content.

Automatically include custom fields on newly published posts . you can set the plugin to include custom fields on published posts automatically. These fields may contain any information that is added to the post, such as title, author, content image, price, rating .. etc. The allowed tags are displayed automatically to select from and vary with each type of campaign.

Search and replace feature. The plugin can search the content prior to posting for the words you have specified and then replace them.

Keyword suggestions. Writing the first letters of the keyword list every keyword beginning with this letter, which you can select from.

Support for automatic content spin with the most efficient spinner. the best spinner (thebestspinner.com) uses the article and replaces synonyms with its synonym database to create a an article that is 100% unique.

Support posts templates. the content of the post can be formed in different formats by using tags like [post_content] , [post_title],[product_price].. etc. The supported tags are different for every campaign, and are listed alphabetically to select from.

set & forget cron job. to post every specific interval you specify for each campaign in the form of (days/hours/minutes).

Acronism job that is internal. wordpress automatic supports automatic posting based on the internal cron job of WordPress.

two post status. you can set the status of a new post to either draft, or to published.

Keywords that are unlimited. you can add unlimited keywords to your campaign. When the campaign begins to be processed , these keywords will be utilized in order to create the content , so if one keyword becomes exhausted or does not match, the second keyword will be utilized.

Hyper-linking of keywords automatically. automatic hyper-link matched keywords with a link

Spintax enabled. like nice. You can utilize this form within the content of your post with only one keyword used in the article. Randomly.

Automated link stripping. option to strip all links from the original content prior to posting.

WordPress Multi-site Network Support. plugin can be installed as part of a multi-site WordPress installation and work properly on every zombie blog.






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