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WP Hide & Security Enhancer


WP Hide & Security Enhancer explained

The most convenient method of hiding the code of your WordPress from being visible to the public through the code.
Over 99,99% of sites hacks are focused attacks on specific vulnerabilities of plugins or themes. A huge improvement over Site Security since hackers web scanners cannot find WordPress trace on your website. Since no WordPress themes and plugins are identified, no hacks will could occur, even if the website is a source of exploitable code.
This tool provides a safe and effective method for getting rid of any WordPress fingerprints, including themes and plugins.
No negative impact on SEO not at all! When used with care, specific SEO features can be enhanced.

WP Hide & Security Enhancer now available!

The real deal! The only option that really works to make everything on your site completely obscured.
Complex white label plugins such as Elementor WooCommerce, Elementor, and everything else,

WP Hide & Security Enhancer Features

No files and directories changes!

No directories and files are being changed on your server Everything is processed virtual! The plugin algorithm uses URL strategies for rewriting as well as WordPress filters to apply all functionality and features.

100 100% Compatible with all other Plugins & Themes

Well designed code to ensure full compatibility with all themes and plugins. When the plugin is activated, the site will continue to work just as it did previously.

WordPress MultiSite Compatible

PRO FEATURE: Support MultiSite environment. Can be set to work per set-up of a site ( individual settings to each network site ) or worldwide ( superadmin settings )

Theme Masking

Remove all reference to either the child or theme to avoid display of theme name, version, author etc. It’s not obvious that it’s a WordPress theme.

It is compatible with every host / server

Checked for compatibility and tested with all hosting server configurations that are Based upon Linux as well as Windows operating system.

Nginx Compatible

PRO FEATURE Full support for Nginx, LEMP stack. Advanced rewrite queries engine to provide the most efficient and light rewrites of data.

Custom login URL

Every site receives loads on the login page. These hits are caused by hackers using hacking to attempt to force in. This requires a high processing CPU power for the website to handle the volume of traffic due to numerous connect attempts. This leads to a significant website speed drop and a slower the time to respond. In addition to blocking the default login URL and boots are able to access the cached 404 error page and there is no resource being utilized to any extent.

HTML cleaning up

Cleaning up HTML comments made by plugins and theme, WordPress auto-generated classes that are core to WordPress such as format-x, page-template-x and more for posts, body images, and body

Customization of the URL for a specific plugin

Change the path of the Plugins Folder and specific plugins, with the option to disable all defaults.

Make a Change WP Ajax calls

PRO FEATURE: Alter the default setting for run-ajax.php and stop the default.


PRO FEATURE: Ultimate protection for websites using a proactive security system. Provides additional security to block malicious and malware from getting into the server side.

White theme/plugins

PRO FEATURE: Rename text on outputted code and assets to white label plugins/themes/code, including complex applications like page builders ( Elementor, WPBakery Page Builder ).

View the Full ListThe most popular plugins (including JetPackbbPressGravity Forms, WordPress SEO) were found vulnerable to XSS attacks. It could happen again with other plugins too.
Don’t risk your site’s security, hackers never sleep

Make sure you are checking !

No WordPress detectors can view any information regarding Our Site, no plugins info, no theme specifications and no WordPress whatsoever ! !













Prevention is better than cure
Start protecting your company now!

What is the reason?

It’s not a secret there’s no doubt that WordPress is by far the most popular Content Management System available. Its growth has seen an astonishing increase in the past few years. It’s still growing at a rate of only a few percent annually and beating all records. In terms of statistics, it’s utilized by 60 percent of Top 100 blogs, deployed on more than 90 million active sites, over 40 million term monthly searches.

With over 30 percent of the world’s sites using WordPress The day that it can break through all the barriers to touch the majority in the world is just around the end of the road. All this attention comes with costs! Hackers keep an attention on WordPress platform.

Security breaches in themes and plugins account for more than 98% of the success WordPress hacks. If a single flaw is discovered in the WordPress install, millions of website become easy targets. If you use WordPress it is an obvious security risk for your business. There are new security concerns frequently reported, and you can find just a small portion of the issues reported on Sucuri Site.

The perfect solution!

Statistically, it’s demonstrated, in the absence of security sooner rather than later you’ll end up being a victim. Don’t believe that your website is secure simply because you’ve not experienced hacking previously! If security measures haven’t been in place, you’re a clear attack for hackers.
WP Hide & Security Enhancer plugin for WordPress makes it easy for administrators of sites to completely conceal their CMS identity. The formula is simple, it hides WordPress fingerprints like resource URLs (plugins, theme, core files) or login urls, blocking REST, XMLRPC services etc, This makes it completely blind to attacks based on boots, which seek to determine specific plugins and themes and their vulnerabilities.
The technical term is “Security by Obscurity”. In layman terms, “If you cannot see and understand, how can you hack it?”
Hackers employ bots and automated systems to discover security holes in particular WordPress versions. When WP Hide PRO active, the automated bots and systems will be useless since they won’t be allowed to access any WordPress at all, They won’t be able to get even the most basic details about the platform being used.






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