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WP Staging


Most Trusted WordPress Backup & Cloning <

WP STAGING is an enterprise-code top-quality plugin that can be used to
CloneBackup and Migration of WordPress sites.

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Trusted by over 70.000 Business and Users in 130 countries  

Are You Ready to Use
WordPress Like a Professional?

WordPress experts recommend WP STAGING due the speed of its development, dependability, and clear code.

Backup & Restore

Backup and restore your entire WordPress website to make it more reliable.


Create an exact copy of WordPress by clicking a single button for development.

Website Migration

Transfer or duplicate your website’s content to a different server.

High Performance

Backup and Cloning is quicker than other plugins.

No Cloud Service

All information is stored in your servers. We do not receive any data.

Multisites Supported

Push and Clone Multisites. Supports Main & Network Sites.


Backup & Clone WordPress
As You Never Did Before

Copy database & files from staging site to live site

Choose database tables & folders to clone & backup

High speed backup with enterprise robustness

Even huge websites are supported. 50GB+

User authentication for staging sites

Professional application – Still easy to use

Duplicate & Migration

WP STAGING can move the website you have created to an alternative Host
and Domain at a new level.

A very fast and thoroughly tested feature. Find out more


Faster Site Backups

Create scheduled and manual backups of your entire site in the flash of an eye. Faster and with less server load than other plugins because of the advanced backup algorithms.

Upload backups to cloud storage providers such as Google Drive and Amazon S3.


Website Transfer

Transfer your local development site to a production server , or move your website to a different domain. WP STAGING handles everything heavy lifting, including the search and replacement of all links automatically.


Website Cloning

Clone WordPress single and multisites , which includes all networks sites to the subdomain or subfolder.


Convert Multisites

Convert the multisite network site into one WordPress one-site.


Clone to Separate Database

Create development or staging websites to create separate databases. Make sure your cloned website is completely distinct from the main site.


Clone to Subdomain

Clone your WordPress site to a subdomain or subfolder like dev.mysite.com or mysite.com/staging-site.


Push Staging Site to Live

Utilize the push feature to copy a staging website directly to the production site. You can also backup and export parts of your website to transfer all information between servers. the other.


User Authentication

Access to the staging site to specific users and users with specific roles. By default, only admins have access to the staging site.


Robust Well Tested Code

WP STAGING is a German engineered WordPress backup and Cloning plugin. More than 1000 automated acceptance and unit tests are run in every release as well as during the development phase. This results in a solid codebase that’s simple to maintain and is future-proof for the next WordPress release.


Outstanding Support

Our customer service team is built on WordPress experts with a wealth of technical expertise. We are able to resolve nearly all issues, even on extremely customized WordPress websites. We’d like to hear from you.


Professionals all Over the World use WP STAGING
Compare Free and Pro Version

Features Free Pro
Clone WordPress websites
Clone WordPress Multisites
Clone into an external database or a separate one
Clone into an existing subdomain or custom domain
Clone to a custom destination directory
Push an existing staging site into production, including. themes, plugins & database
User authentication: Custom access to the staging site via roles for users.
Backup Download, restore and download your site
Transfer and transfer your site to a different server or domain







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