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Virtual Assistant


This WordPress plugin is an intelligent virtual assistant for your site. It lets users quickly set up their behavior by using the powerful and visually conditional system.

You can design an assistant who will help you sell products, provide advice and education to your customers, and guiding your customers through the site, and more.
It could display certain elements on your website, redirect pagesemail admin to discuss, send all interactions to a particular page in PHP (useful to complete a form that asks the user’s questions),

Each step is an integral component of the conversation. Each step may contain text (displayed inside the bubble) actions, text, and interactions (text fields (number fields) as well as select dropdowns and buttons and text fields (text fields).
An intelligent system for export and import allows you to backup, transfer, and retrieve your information.

 Virtual Assistant FEATURES

    • This assistant virtual will assist you effectively assist your customers
    • Intuitive system for conditional control that comes with power
    • Modify the appearance of the assistant by going to the backend
    • Replace the images from avatars with your own directly from the backend. One image for the avatar, and one for the talking head.
    • Each step comes with its own set of steps.
      • Redirect to a different page
      • Execute Javascript code
      • Show an element
      • Email the dialogue
      • Past interactions can be used to add variables to pages.
    • There could be interactions between the steps:
      • Text fields
      • Number fields
      • Selects dropdown
      • Buttons
    • The Assistant can be located in the lower right corner or in the left corner of your screen
    • WPML is ready to translate all of your WPML-based assistant text
    • English and French backend translations are available
    • All your information can be exported or imported
    • Preview Before you can enable your personal assistant to this site






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