WPC Product Bundles for WooCommerce 6.3.3

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Demo: https://wpclever.net/downloads/product-bundles/

WPClever is the company behind WPC Bundles of products for WooCommerce. The plugin lets you build bundles of items. Customers will be encouraged to buy more items if you bundle them together. Furthermore, making bundles of products can help your customers to decide what items are compatible. You can boost the sales and profits of your business by offering competitive prices that start at $29 per website.

Furthermore, WPC Product Bundles for WooCommerce is an indispensable tool to help you increase cross-selling marketing by allowing various products from different lines to be combined into a bundle. You can bundle a variable product with one product, create a combination with an amount that is set, permit virtual or downloadable bundles and many other options. This plugin will provide your WooCommerce shop a boost with sophisticated features that go beyond your expectations.

WPC Features

  • All: Choose a standard displaying style for prices on your site
  • Drag and drop to rearrange the order of bundles
  • You can set a default quantity to each bundle item
  • Quantity of custom-made bundled items
  • Create a Variable product or a specific variant to a bundle
  • Discounts can be set by percentage or by numbers
  • Set the minimum and maximum amount for each item or for the entire bundle
  • Optional auto-calculated for regular and sales prices
  • Make digital or downloadable product bundles
  • The management of inventory is the same for bundle products as standalone sales.
  • Stock management is able to be enabled or disabled at the bundle level.
  • Information about bundles of products: Configure the information display for bundle products, for example, the position, thumbnail, price picture, quantity and descriptions in a short format.
  • Bundles: Modify the order of your bundles (above/below the Add to Cart button. Close or hide the tab. new tab).
  • Texts to be used for the Add To Cart & Checkout buttons
  • Advanced Search: Adjust the product’s limit for search and search using a specific keyword, phrase, and repeated products

Advanced Admin Dashboard

WPC Product Bundles for WooCommerce gives users greater options to manage their products prices, storage, and pricing from the WPClever shortcut in the admin dashboard.

  • You can choose to show prices in a uniform way on your website.
  • Information about bundles of products: Configure the information display displayed for bundle items, for example, size, position, thumbnail picture, quantity and a brief description.
  • Bundles: Change the order in which your bundles are placed (above/below the Add to Cart button) and close or hide in new tab.
  • Add to Cart & Checkout button texts.
  • Advanced Search: adjust limit on search results Search items through SKU, precise keyword phrases, repeated products.


It is super easy to add a New Bundle

The plugin lets users quickly create a new bundle by simply adding a brand new item, and then choosing Smart Bundle at the Product data section. It is required to type in the keyword that you are searching for, as well like the price, display text, and quantity. Then, you can add an image and description and click to publish. Tada you’ve created an item that is bundled in only some seconds.






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